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A Journey of Education, Empowerment, and Literary Excellence

Dr. Amrutha Latha is a visionary leader, accomplished writer, entrepreneur, and a dedicated educationist. Explore her remarkable journey as she passionately transforms lives through education, empowers women and the community through entrepreneurship, and leaves an indelible mark in the realms of literature, arts, and social service. Discover her inspiring mission, ambitious goals, and multitudinous accomplishments that have garnered her prestigious awards and accolades. Please join us in celebrating the profound impact that she leaves on the community and her unwavering commitment to making a positive difference.

The Story of

Dr. Amrutha Latha

Dr. Amrutha Latha is an esteemed educationist, renowned writer, and influential entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to empowering individuals and communities through education and literature. With an extensive academic background and a lifelong passion for learning, she has become a beacon of inspiration for countless students, teachers, and aspiring writers.

Cultural Programs

Publisher & Editor of

Amruth Kiran (Fortnightly)

Amruth Kiran 01-11-1994

Amruth Kiran 16-11-1994

Amruth Kiran 16-11-1994

Amruth Kiran 16-12-1994

Amruth Kiran 16-11-1994

Amruth Kiran 16-12-1994

Books Written by
Dr. Amrutha Latha

Srustilo Teeyanidhi

Amrutha Varshini

Chukkala Lokam Chutteddam!

Godalake Pranamunte

I'm Busy (English)

Naa Yekantha Brundaganam

If the walls were alife

Intimate Touch

Let's Visit The Star World! (English)

Books Written by Dr. Amrutha Latha, Translated into other languages


Translated by Dr. Palakurthy Dinakar

Amrutha Varshini (English)

Translated by Sanakkaayala Maheshwari

Let's Visit the Star World!

Translated by Chintapatla Sudershan

If the Walls Were Alive...

Translated by Chintapatla Sudershan

Why Vote?

Translated by Dr. Palakurthy Dinakar

Vote Kisliye

Translated by R. Shantha Sundari

Illustrated Soul Aotubiography of Dr.Amruthalatha

Naa Yekantha Brundaganam

Amrutha Latha Apuroopa Awards

Amrutha Latha Apuroopa Awards 2013-23

Amruthalatha Apurupa Awards​ 2013-23 (Male)​

Amrutha Latha Apuroopa Awards
(2012, 2017, 2021, 2022-23)

Indur Apuroopa Awards

Indur Apuroopa Awards 2013-23

Amruthalatha Apurupa Awards​ 2013-23 (Male)​


Aluperugani Ala...

Ame... O Adbhutham!

Amrutha Latha
Awards & Accolades

Published Books

During the time of Telangana agitation Rajeeva, Jwalitha, Amrutha Latha published two books

Gaayale Geyalai...

Compilation of poems of different writers published in connection with Telangana Agitation

Vethale Kathalai

 Compilation of stories written by different authors published in connection with Telangana Agitation


By dreaming to prosper overnight but lacking efforts, youth is making this nation barren.
‘ I can do it ‘ is Self-confidence.
‘I only can do it‘ is Pride.
‘I can do anything’ is Ego.
By holding ego, pride in restraint and going ahead with self-confidence youth of this country should steer the nation.

Dr. Amrutha Latha

"Empowering Minds, Inspiring Change"


Today’s youth is building castles in the air, but not putting efforts into making those dreams a reality. Our country needs our youth to raise the bar and step up to the plate.

“ I can do it” is Self-Confidence

“Only I can do it” is Pride

“I can do everything” is Ego

By fighting ego, keeping pride in check, and marching forward with self-confidence, our youth can steer the nation.

Dr Amrutha Latha
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